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ALGIERS (1938)

Walter Wanger, United Artists, 7 x 9” photos. Hedy Lamarr made her American film debut in this famous classic romantic melodrama. She had made five films in Europe between 1930 and 1933, the last the notorious ECSTASY, which caused such a scandal that she, did not make another film for 5 years. She was contracted by MGM, but Louis B. Mayer loaned her to Wanger for her first American film. It was one of her best and her pairing with Charles Boyer as the character Pepe le Moko has become legendary and inspired many imitations and caricatures. The film was Academy nominated for Art Direction (Alexander Toluboff) and Cinematography (James Wong Howe), and that is very evident in these two stills, one of the couple walking through the streets of the Casbah and the other, the final scene when criminal le Moko is caught. Rich, luminescent vintage photographs. Rare title, stills are infrequently encountered.

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