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Twentieth Century Fox 11” x 14” still photo. Extremely rare portrait of Bette Davis as Margo Channing in costume, wig and character for the play she is appearing in, AGED IN WOOD. Winner of multiple Academy Awards including Best Picture, and one of the most nominated films of all time, with brilliant and literate script by Joseph Maniewicz (also director). This is such a rare item as Davis barely appears in the costume and make up in the actual film (there is a scene in the film, where Ann Baxter, taking over the part is seen in this costume and in which she takes off the wig and tears it), that is was likely posed and photographed to be used as a “prop” photo in the actual film as a theatre or program display utilized within the story of the film. Other props, including a cut out poster depicting a caricature of “Margo Channing in AGED IN WOOD,” have been found for this play within a movie, and this portrait was also likely used in that way.

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