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MGM Six 8 x 10” set photo stills. These are amongst the rarest still items to own in any collection. These were photographed for and used exclusively in the property department. Most are stamped with the MGM property department stamp on the verso. Very few of these stills would be printed, perhaps 3-4 sets, for property, set construction, art departments and perhaps drapery department. The collections from those departments were long ago trashed and only a handful of the stills were salvaged. A few went to the Academy Library and a few from the scenic art department went to USC, the rest that were saved have been widely dispersed on the collectors market. What a find--- and from one of MGM’s finest films. A photographic record was kept of each set, for various reasons, weather it be continuity for filming, or to simply keep track of set items being used. In this case, these stills are marked “rentals” and were for the purpose of keeping track of which prop items MGM had gone and rented from other prop houses for this film (MGM obviously did not have everything in stock). The RENTAL stamp appears on the fronts and a typed list is on the back indicating which items in the photo are rented. Clap boards on the set describe the setting and included the production number and the misspelled name of the director Vincente Minnelli. These are prints directly off the negative and the negative date, production number and photographers name appear at the top right corner edges. Set still numbers are numbered by the set numbers and this grouping includes sets 1, 3, 5 and 12.

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