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Vintage original 9 ½ x 14” (24 x 36 cm.) herald poster, U. S. Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester, Colin Clive, Valerie Hobson, Gavin Gordon, Ernest Thesiger, Una O’Connor, Dwight Frye, E. E. Clive, dir: James Whale: Universal. Wonderful collage of images featuring all of the players and key scenes in this sequel to the 1931 FRANKENSTEIN. This is one of the finest horror films of all time, one of the most collectible and one of the most difficult to locate any original release material. This herald poster was for the film’s Aug. 17-19 appearance at the Roxy Theatre in Argyle, Minn. Film opens with a prologue in which author Mary Shelley(portrayed by Elsa Lanchester, who also appears as the monster’s bride) reveals that the characters of her original story survived, giving Dr. Frankenstein a reason to create a mate for him. Of the Universal horror classics of the 1930’s, this is one of the absolute rarest. This herald is in fact much harder to obtain than those for FRANKENSTEIN or DRACULA.

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