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MGM sheet music. A nice Jean Harlow collectible with a history. This is the Harlow film which was being made during the institution of the infamous Hays code and therefore was wrought with problems, re-scripting, re-shooting, etc. and title changes. The working script was BORN TO BE KISSED, which was objected to. The title was changed to EADIE WAS A LADY and at one point, with tongue in cheek 100% PURE. It came out in the US as THE GIRL FROM MISSOURI (Eadie was from Missouri). The title song for the film by Dietz and Schwartz had been written, titled at was in the film. The film was thus released in the UK under the BORN TO BE KISSED title. This stunning item, with cover art by Vincentini of Harlow with Franchot Tone is the sheet music for that U. K. release.

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