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ORIGINAL RKO SET DESIGN ART WORK - Extremely rare and one of a kind conceptual design set sketches for character Susan Vance’s (Katherine Hepburn) New York City penthouse apartment living room and her Aunt Elizabeth’s (May Robson) Connecticut country home kitchen area. Many of the story’s key comedic scenes are played out in this hilarious and bizarre screwball comedy on these sets. This was the story of an uptight, smothered archeologist who meets a wealthy, free spirited girl and their goose chase of experiences when she takes procession of a leopard. The art direction was by RKO veteran Van Nest Polglase and his un-credited assistant Perry Ferguson. These sets typify the modern style of interior design of the 1937-38 season. The picture was released in Feb. 1938 and being filmed mid/late 1937. The Connecticut country house displayed the newest interior design trends in moving away from and out of the art deco period. Both drawings, accomplished in color pencil, India ink, and water color, on art illustration board are highly detailed and reflect the finished sets.

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