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DON JUAN (1926)

Warner Brothers program booklet. 9 x 12”, 12 pp. Booklet obtained in first run theatres for this spectacular and historic film. Program is beautifully designed, 10 inside pages and an introduction written by star John Barrymore in which he discusses 1926 as being the 30th Anniversary of the birth of motion pictures and how he is proud to be a part of such a great art form. There is color art and black and white photography throughout .The last page promotes Barrymore’s next film in which he will appear with his wife Dolores Costello (also featured in this film). Myrna Loy has a small role and Mary Astor was promoted to star status with her role in this film directed by Alan Crosland. In film history (and marking the 30th anniversary), this is the first film to have a recorded soundtrack ( a year before THE JAZZ SINGER). Warner Brothers was in the process of developing their Vitaphone system. The film has a synchronized track with music and sound effects (sword fights, doors closing, etc.). The film is also famous for the number of kisses included, 191, which is one each 53 seconds.

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