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BogartThis is a collection of 148 lobby cards and posters from Bogart films. It covers exclusively the period from 1930 to 1948. The later, and the less desirable, Bogart titles were deliberately not covered in this archive. Since the early days of this hobby, two subjects have always been the most popular and eagerly sought---classic horror and Humphrey Bogart. The early Bogart titles are at least as scarce as the original 1930's Universal horror movies. In many cases, they are even scarcer. (There are, for instance, many more known 1931 cards in existence from FRANKENSTEIN than there are for most of the 30's films in this collection.)
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Bogart got off to a slow start in his career. For many of his early films, neither his image nor his name appears on any of the posters—which makes the lobby cards even more appealing, since, in many cases, he does get billing and, often, one or two images. Contains 140 Pictures.

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Vintage movie posters including Mini Window Cards, Window Cards and Half Sheets. Contains 11 Pictures.

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