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Paramount Production 668. Still: 154

Story is a comedy set in World War I about two American air pilots (Wallace Beery and Raymond Hackett) who stumble into a battle in France and emerge as heroes. Louise plays a girl named Griselle who they meet while in France. This stunning portrait is of Louise as the French country girl in provincial costume. Typed on the back is "Ladies wardrobe Frank Richardson," and it is stamped PHOTO BY RICHEE. There is a minor smudge in the top left blank white margin, otherwise mint condition.
This is a LOST film.

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Paramount Production 729,

Images for this extant, but rarely shown late silent/early talkie film are very rare. The film is famous for leading to the end of Louise Brooks's film career at Paramount. Made as a silent film, just as the industry was converting to talkies, it was decided that speaking scenes would be added after production wrapped. Louise Brooks had gone to Europe to work on what would become her best work (Pandora's Box and Diary of a Lost Girl) and legend has it, would not come in to shoot the added scenes and record dialogue.

In the murder mystery, based on a true case, Louise plays the Canary, a blackmailing nightclub singer. She is murdered 15 minutes into the story, which explains the lack of stills for her characters.

Here are (4) of the best. The three publicity stills (superb close up portrait of Brooks in Canary costume, Brooks with Jean Arthur and Brooks with Gustav von Seyffertitz) are stamped by Gene Richee. The rare back stage scene still features Brooks in the Canary costume, and Jean Arthur.

Stills: 46, 52, 90, 120

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